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What’s On TAP: Don’t Even Think About Missing Monday!


What’s On TAP: Don’t Even Think About Missing Monday!

Huge congratulations to Yohanna, Connor and Sean for their amazing performance at Southie Showdown. The field was stalked and they all did a great job; hitting PR’s and challenging weaknesses.

It’s another great week of training! But first, we are one week away from BEAT The Streets. I’m super excited for this year because it’s our biggest and most diverse field of athletes. If you have not told Miguel you are volunteering get to it because the t shirts are the bomb this year!

Drum Roll…..What’s On TAP
Deadlift–Not heavy, going for volume
Expect to see Burpees (Oh Fun!), Squat Snatch and a whole lot of fun!
Never Miss A Monday!!!
BE COMPLETE: This is what gets you the gains!
a. GHD #’d Back Extension 4 x 12
b. Strict HSPU EMOM (Different For Each Athlete)
A. Back SqT – 5 x 5 @75% EMOM
INTO (rest 1 min in between to switch weights)
B. Front SqT – 5 x 5 @65% EMOM
C.  Surprise!
a. GHD Sit Ups 3 x 20 (fast reps; rest accordingly in between)
*If this is your first time doing GHD Sit Ups start with Straight Leg Ab Mats
b. Waiters Carry 5 x 60’ each arm
c/ 10-12 min of scapula work
A. Snatch Complex: It’s a good one!
B. Map Training – 85-90% sustainability
6 T2B
9 Russian KB Swings 70/53
Rest 4 min
10/8 cal bike
30 double unders
5 Clean and Jerks 185/113
A. Deadlift–Say What?? Again! Better get in to find out!
A2. Ring Dips: Weighted
B. AFAP–this one looks fun!
25/20 cal bike
15 DB power cleans 50/35
15 Db thrusters
5 rope climbs
15 DB thrusters
15 DB power cleans
25/20 cal bike
Friday–The Unknowable
Saturday: No Classes! BEAT The Streets! Volunteer, Donate and Give Back! You will love it!
Sunday: Back at it with Coach Brian

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