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Beginner Program


Our beginner program was developed with great care and thought about how to best introduce CrossFit to the most unlikely athlete. Our comprehensive program is tiered by experience and can be individualized for each new member. 

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We believe in the model Coach Glassman developed for all CrossFit athletes. General physical preparedness for the unknowable in life is what we program. When you start to train with us you start to see the incredible programming.

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Kids/Teen Classes


We have been working with kids and teen of all abilities for over 5 years. We believe teaching kids and teens to master their own physical strength gives them mental strength. We are an inclusive program and believe in empowerment.

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We believe what we eat lays the molecular foundation for fitness and health. Our dietician can work with you to find a nutrition plan to help you meet your goals. We are here to help you succeed and provide you with knowledge and support you can trust.

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Private Training


Our coaches can develop an individualized program to help you meet your goals. We offer an array of options including private training with a group membership.

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Olympic Lifting


Our goal is to offer any person, a pathway to a stronger, more powerful athletic experience and a healthier standard of living. We achieve that by teaching two standard Olympic Lifts.

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We believe that nothing else teaches ideal functional movements, through full range of motion, like gymnastics.  With a focus on the fundamentals, athletes will work on body awareness.

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Competitors Training

Our community was built to accommodate every level of athlete. If you are looking for more of an edge in your training join us for competitors training on Saturdays. 

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