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Nutrition Philosophy: A Nutrient-Dense Eating Pattern


Nutrition is the foundation that separates a good athlete from a great athlete. No supplement, pill, or potion is going to meet your nutrition needs for one good reason: it is still unknown how many of the substances in food impact the human body.

We believe a healthy body starts with:

  • Eat real, nutrient dense foods.
  • Drink fluids with minimal processing and packaging whenever possible.
  • Consume a wide variety of colors of plant foods every day.
  • Recognizing that no singular food or food choice is good or bad; the pattern of eating is more important (when you eat).
  • Distributing the nutrients throughout the day.
  • Striving for consistent intake to get the most out of every athletic activity and to refuel muscles.
  • Drinking water before, during, and after WODs.

Eating “perfectly” everyday just isn’t realistic, and it can perpetuate a feeling of failure if it’s not met. Strive, each day, for 90% nutrient-dense eating with ~10% discretionary intake. 

Nutrition Challenges at Iron & Grit

Throughout the year, special challenges focus on nutrition skill building and behavior change. These place attention on quality intake, timing, distribution of nutrients, and eating sufficiently to fully participate in WODs. Just like WODs, challenges are at scaled and prescribed levels so that everyone can join in and optimize their nutrition!

These Challenges are open to non-members.

Nutrition Education and Counseling

Nutrition education and counseling may be the edge that you need to meet your training goals and, for everyone, it is an investment in your health!

Potential Nutrition Education and Counseling Topics

  • Weight management
  • Building muscle mass
  • Nutrient timing and distribution
  • Fueling for competition
  • Fitting your nutrition goals into your lifestyle
  • Eating for the whole family
  • Navigating grocery, takeout, and meal solution company offerings
  • Essential cooking skills


Select one of our membership options to start training with us!

Meeting to understand your nutrition goals: Free

Private nutrition counseling:

  • $85.00 per session (members)
  • $120.00 per session (non-members)

Add nutrition counseling to your unlimited membership:  2 sessions per month

  • $160 ($80 per session)

Nutrition Focus Package:

  • $275 (members)
  • $385 (non-members)


  • Four sessions
  • Focused on education and counseling
  • Unlimited email correspondence.
  • Introductory meeting to understand your goals
  • Individualized macronutrient meal plan based upon body needs
  • Three (3) day macro- and micro-nutrient analysis
  • Nutrition goal setting
  • Tailored nutrition plan that fits in your lifestyle

For nutrition education and counseling, please contact me, Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LD

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