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Matt Ruiz: A Call To Action


Matt Ruiz: A Call To Action

This young man needs no introduction here at Iron & Grit but how well do you know Matt Ruiz? Sure, he’s mega strong and Coach Mel’s younger brother, but have you ever wondered who his real life super hero is and what are his own athletic CrossFit goals. He has just finished our internship program under the watchful eye of Coach Miguel. As part of his training he also spent 10 weeks working with our inner city youth program and this summer will be accompanying one of our BEAT The Streets students to a leadership camp in Pennsylvania. His commitment to our inner city youth initiative I think shows just what an incredible young man he is and his potential as a positive role model for our high school students. He has a refuse to lose attitude and incredible respect for the process; CrossFit athletes all have goals and his include training at the highest level of the sport. His approach is humble. You never here him brag or complain. I’m excited to watch him grow as a coach, role model and athlete over the next few years!

Favorite Lift: Snatch

Benchmark WOD: Diane
Set back: Haven’t had any drastic set backs, only a couple minor injuries here and there but each time I was faced with a set back I made the most out of it by doing my best with what I can that day; rather than giving up.
Why Iron & Grit: The gym is like a second home to me. I have been going since it opened up in 2015 and have seen not only the gym improve, but the Iron & Grit family has grown even stronger. I love seeing everyone at the gym getting after it and pushing themselves during the class WODs to become better versions of themselves. The BIG community motivates me every day.
Inner City Youth Program: I envision this program as a way to guide the kids to be successful and to show them their true potential to achieve anything they set their minds to.
Where did you grow up: I grew up in West Roxbury in a two family house next door to my cousins. We were always outside playing sports and getting into trouble.
Real Life Super Hero: My Mom and Dad are super heroes to me. They are the hardest working people I know and the most selfless. They taught me everything I know whether it was sports or in life.
My future as a coach/athlete: As a coach and athlete I believe it is always best not to get ahead of yourself and look too far into the future. I am focused on giving my best effort every day and looking at it as another opportunity to improve and most importantly I will never give up.

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