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Kids/Teen Classes


We have been working with kids and teen of all abilities for over 5 years. We believe teaching kids and teens to master their own physical strength gives them mental strength. We are an inclusive program and believe empowerment comes from conquering physical and mental challenges. We are committed to helping your child achieve their athletic and fitness goals. Join us in a fun and positive environment the entire family can enjoy.




Our kid program is for kids starting in 5th grade and going up to 8th grade. This program teaches students the basics of lifting and CrossFit movements. Done in a fun, safe and supportive environment our kids learn about being healthy everyday. All new kids must have a fitness assessment with the Head Kids Coach. This testing is free and part of the process to getting into our program. If the Head Coach feels your child is ready they will then take 5 private sessions to learn the basics. Upon completion your child can enter the group classes. You can also take the private sessions with a friend!

Our CrossFit KID Training is run Monday and Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

10 Class Punchcard = $200

Our teen program is open to all levels. Our athletes range from beginners to athletes who will be playing their sport of choice at Division I colleges. We require all beginners to take a free fitness assessment with the Head Teen Coach and then 5 private sessions to learn the basics. Students in 8th- 12th grade are welcome to participate.

Our Teen Weight Lifting is run on Monday/Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

10 Classes = $200

We understand the development of your teenager. There comes a time that they will out grow our Teen Weight Lifting program. We allow teens in grades 11th-12th grade to join our adult training program in various ways. They can take the private Fundamental Iron program and pass the basics. Or they can join our Teen Program for 3 months and then test into the adult program. They must attend the Teen classes at least 2 times a week during this testing 3-month period. Upon completion of testing period they will be allowed to attend the adult classes.

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