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Fundraiser for Dermot


We will be hosting a fundraiser with Parkway InMotion for a little boy named Dermot to help him raise funds to get an Autism Service Dog from 4 Paws.

Dermot Tynan, a 3 year-old resident of Brookline, MA (formerly of West Roxbury), is beginning his fundraising efforts:

“A fully trained dog from an agency with a great track record of successful placement is very expensive. We are fundraising as my income alone cannot even come close to being able to pay for an Autism Service dog, ” said Kelly Tynan, Dermot’s mother and an early childhood special education teacher in Boston.

Dermot Tynan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder on January 28, 2015, five months after starting early intervention for a speech delay. Prior to his diagnosis, Tynan was also diagnosed with a rare, polio-like condition called Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) after he caught a cold virus in December 2014. He recovered the ability to walk but now wears ankle foot orthotics and receives bi-annual Botox injections in his foot to decrease spasticity and assist with his foot deformity.

“Dermot is an incredible, resilient child. He has the most radiant smile and contagious laugh, “ said Kelly Tynan. “I’m determined to get him all the resources and therapies needed to provide him with the best pathway to independence.”

Tynan is making progress with therapies and school but continues to struggle with anxiety, sensory processing, and elopement. He will bite his own left hand and or squeeze/scratch others’ hands when he is anxious or over-excited. He is non-verbal and is unable to intelligibly express his needs and thoughts to those who are not family or members of his education team.

An Autism Service Dog would be an extremely beneficial addition to Dermot’s team to assist with his anxiety. The dog will be tasked with behavior disruption (lap, nuzzle, touch, deep pressure and kisses), tracking and tethering.

Contact Tina to get involved! You can donate at the site or on December 10th in person!

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