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Free Trial

EXPERIENCED Athletes are welcome to Drop In any time to experience a class; first Drop In is FREE. If you want to stay for a week to get to know us the cost is $75 for the week. No contracts, no limits, no obligation–join us for a fun week of training.

We offer one FREE TRIAL day each month. No experience necessary. All day long you are welcome to drop into any of our classes!

If you are curious about CrossFit and our gym you are welcome to join us on the following days throughout the year:

Thursday, August 22nd
Thursday, September 19th
Thursday, October 24th
Thursday, November 21st
Thursday, December 19th

You can also make an individual appointment with one of our professional staff to have an Assessment and get started! To learn more go to:


Fill out the form to schedule a Fitness Assessment with our professional trainers: