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Athlete of The Month: Sean Canty


Athlete of The Month: Sean Canty

You know how much I love BIG and especially my coaches. I started CrossFit the last week of May in 2017.

Sean in 2017.

What made you walk into Crossfit BIG – My first phone call to Tina.  Tina told me her age, explaining her experience with CrossFit and assured me that I wouldn’t be judged, and that BIG wouldn’t give up on me.  Tina, I know you remember me saying to you, “don’t give up on me”.   BIG hasn’t never let me down, all of the coaches have helped and encouraged me so much.  I clearly Drink the BIG KoolAid.
How has CrossFit improved my health  – OMG, well, I am much stronger, my breathing is 1000% times better, remember, soon after joining BIG i was diagnosed with COPD.  I lost over 40lbs since last May.  I am able to do things I haven’t done since I was a teenager.  My life has completely changed.
What is my favorite WOD – I really love the Sunday Brunch with Brian, I am always challenged and surviving his Sunday morning beat down is always my goal for the week.
Favorite Lift  –  Clean and Jerk or deadlift.
Cheat meal –  Pizza.
Super Hero – Robin, let batman get the credit and I will do the work.  LOL
Thank you for thinking of me.
Love you all,

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